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OligoScan, What does it do and how does it work?

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  • By Panacea Wholefoods
OligoScan, What does it do and how does it work?

The OligoScan is a test that carries out detailed health checks using an advanced process called 'Spectrophotometry'. This method obtains the results on an intracellular level to give extremely accurate and precise results with the use of a red light beam applied to the palm of the hand.
The OligoScan can be a preferred method over blood tests because it is pain free, no injections or blood taking , extremely thorough and also includes a free consultation with a practitioner.

What does it do? How does it work?

The OligoScan allows for a quick and precise intracellular analysis of trace elements and heavy metals in the body. OligoScan uses a portable high-frequency Spectrophotometer that analyzes 20 essential minerals and trace elements in the body, detecting deficiencies and measuring the presence of 14 toxic heavy metals.

Once the essential information is collected from the client (Age, Name, Weight, Height and Blood type) the reading is then taken by placing the portable Spectrophotometer device into four different locations on the clients non-dominate hand. The data is then collected and transmitted from the Spectrophotometer device to an online Oligo Server where the data is almost immediately analyzed and ready for you and your Practitioner to view the results.

Why should I have an Oligoscan?

The OligoScan can be a preferred method over other laboratory tests because the OligoScan provides real-time results and is a completely painless procedure performed in an office not a lab.

Blood tests measure circulating levels of minerals and metals while urine and hair tests only measure what the body is excreting. Blood tests will perform better when trying to understand the patients overall health.  The OligoScan measures the levels of minerals and metals inside the cells of your hand providing a more accurate result.